What’s New From 2019 GMC Sierra

If you are one of that car enthusiast who is waiting for the new release of GMC Sierra, you may now start to search for any information related to 2019 GMC Sierra release date. Since you are here, you may want to find out about this as well. As we know, the new model of GMC Sierra is promised to be a good flagship for the GMC. To learn more about this new release, let’s check this out!

2019 GMC Sierra Changes

There are a few changes that are promised by GMC on its new car. It is expected that the exterior of this car will be highly different with the last release. In this case, it will come with new styles that make it into such a better figure. Moreover, the LED headlights are also expected to be restyled in this new car. It is also safe to say that for the new 2019 GMC Sierra release date, it will come with new tailgate as well as new taillights.

2019 GMC Sierra Specifications

Then, how about the specifications? When it comes to the specs, we should not forget about the anticipated new engine which will equip the space under the hood. It is said that the new Sierra will come with the V6 turbocharged engine to change the current V8 5.4L engine. However, it is also expected that the new Sierra may come with a diesel engine as well. For the transmission, we can expect for 10-speed automatic transmission on the new Sierra.

2019 GMC Sierra Price And Release Date

In case of the price, it is possible that the upcoming Sierra will cost about $30,000 per unit. Then, for the release date, it may be announced during the motor show in 2018. For other updated information about the automotive world, visit

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