Things That Make Still Hungry After Eating

You need to eat when you are hungry. But, have you ever eaten and then end up craving for food again after your meal? Well, you may want to know the reasons why it happens to you. The things that make you are still hungry even after eating may happen consciously or unconsciously. Here are some of the things that are able to make you still hungry after eating.

Things That You Eat

First of all, things that you eat can become the culprit that makes you hungry again even you have eaten. There are protein, carbohydrate, and fat that become the main compound of your foods. When carb and protein can supply the same amount of energy, the way it works is actually different.

Carb is very easy to burn so that it can be a good source to enhance your energy quickly. However, protein does not work like that. It is able to help you stop your appetite and postpone your hunger. That’s why those who want to reduce fat are more likely to eat protein than a carb.

You May Get Stress

Another reason that can make you are still hungry after eating is stress. When we are stress, there is a cortisol hormone which may make us want to eat more and more even when we have eaten. Actually, there is a study which shows that those who get stress are more likely to have unhealthy foods after eating because they still crave for food even they have eaten.

Your Health Condition

Then, there are some health conditions that are likely to make you feel hungry after eating. Something like diabetes mellitus is one of the reasons for this symptom. That’s why you may need to check what the reason for your hunger which starts to be uncommon is. Hunger is normal, but when it happens too frequently, there can be something to think about.

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