SM57 Vs SM58 Comparison And Review

sm58 vs sm57It must be tough to select between the SM57 Vs SM58 when you want to get a microphone from Shure. In some ways, these two items are both powerful and recommended. When it comes to price and rating, both of them also have same pricing and rating in the marketplace. Then, what are the things that we need to take into account when we want to choose one between these two options? In fact, there are a few factors which we can consider when choosing between these two. Find the factors below.

Here Is SM57 Vs SM58 Comparison And Review

The first and foremost factor is grille. Basically, these two items are designed based on the identical cartridge design while the grille becomes the major dissimilarity on these two items. The SM57 which is designed for instrument microphone does not come with a ball grille just like the SM58 that is planned to be used for the focal application. Between SM57 Vs SM58, the grill feature has a huge role to the overall appearance of these items as well. In this case, the Shure SM57 which comes with smaller grille looks lots practical and tiny compared with the Shure SM58.

Next, it must be necessary to compare the available features on both Shure SM57 and SM58. When it comes to its feature, SM57 offers frequency response between 40Hz until 15kHz. On the other hand, the Shure SM58 features frequency response between 50Hz up to 15kHz. Then, the SM57 is also equipped with mic clip as a standard feature. This one cannot be found in the Shure SM58. Now, you have known a little comparison and review between these two products. If you are asking whether to choose between the Shure SM57 Vs SM58, it is actually based on your own preference.

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