Home design & decorating ideasIt is not only our home interior which requires such a decorating care. We should care our exterior as well to make our home looks more awesome. At this point, searching for exterior home design & decorating ideas can be a good starting point if you do not have any idea about what to do to your exterior area. In fact, there are abundant ideas that you can take into account when you want to beautify your exterior. To introduce you to some of them, here are several decorating ideas to apply to your home exterior.

Easy Exterior Home Design & Decorating Ideas

Let’s begin with the patio area. It must be boring to leave our patio area bare and vacant, isn’t it? That’s why we need to place some decorations to make it looks even more interesting. In case you want to make it seems appealing and functional, you can consider home design & decorating ideas for the exterior area which combines both of them. For instance, you can put some chairs and a table around your patio area. It will make your patio area both inviting and functional at the same time. You can add a shade as well if you like.

Next, you need to think about a great lighting as well. Having a great lighting is also an important thing when it comes to the exterior area. If you want to make your home exterior looks awesome in the dark of the night, you may consider about applying some lights to create a warm and inviting mood. It is also possible for you to apply string lamp around your home exterior to create such exclusive view in the night. At last, you can take one of the exterior home design & decorating ideas that have been given above.


new media careerThere are various reasons why people are actually moving to use new media such as the internet, blogs, online video platform, and other digital media. One of them is merely looking for the instant entertainment for their eyes. It is possible because it is really easy to find something that you like and enjoy just by searching it through a search engine. One information that people love to look for is photography that tells a good story and this is actually where new media career shows up. People who demand photos and stories love to pay to enjoy the experience from the journalist. That is why it is actually a good way to earn some through this channel.

How Photojournalist Works In New Media Career

Depending on what kind of person you are, it is possible that photojournalist gets money from the contents/he creates. The photojournalist can make stock photos that only can be obtained or downloaded after they make a purchase. Of course, the stock photos that they offer should be eloquently dedicated for that purpose for more conversion rates. That is the first way on how photojournalist can earn some money in a new media career.

The next possibility comes when your images bring big companies’ bell and they eventually want you to take some good pictures. This collaboration typically results in a decent amount of money and you also get other benefits such as free traveling and accommodation fees. It is extremely satisfying, and you just can achieve that with new media career platform. There are also some other possibilities to make money by photojournalist because people are always in search for soothing, relaxing, and beautiful entertainment. Therefore, it is definitely a good way to start with this career opportunity especially if you know how to take photos that tell stories.


healthcare jobsHealth is one of the most important things that have to be maintained by you. However, there are so many people in the world who do not really care about their health. Therefore, it makes there are so many people who have an unhealthy body and it makes them have to hospitalize or maybe have to check their health routinely to the doctor. So, in this case, the healthcare jobs become the important profession for the human life. Why is it important? Of course, it is really important, because if there is no health care profession, there will no one who will care your illness.

You Have To Know The Importance Of Healthcare Jobs

Nowadays, you can see that people are very busy with their schedule, and they do not take care of their health. Beside of the busy activity, there are also many people who have the bad lifestyle, such as from the consumption, relationship, and other bad behavior. The bad lifestyle actually is same with giving the poison to their body softly. So, look at the reality, nowadays, there are so many people who get the illness and with many kinds of the illnesses. At this time, there are so many kinds of serious illness which are very easy to attack the person’s body. It makes so many people get illness easily. It means that the healthcare jobs are very needed by all of the people.

So, if you want to get and become the healthcare jobs, it is very good. It is because this profession is the lofty job. You will help the people who get the illness. And if you become the healthcare profession, there are so many people who wait for your aid. It will make you become the person who have the important job and lofty job and it is very good for you.


work from homePeople, of course, have a hope to get money from their work. When we talk about working, commonly people do work outside of theirs house. They go to the office and then work out there. However, some people work from home and make money by only doing their job in their house. Actually, you can work in several fields and you can do your job in your home. What are the jobs that you can do by only staying in your home? If you think that you are curious about it, here is some information for you.

Best Work From Home 2017

When it comes to work from home that becomes very popular in 2017, transcriptionist becomes one of the most famous jobs that you can do in your home. By doing this job, you can receive about $25 per hour.  When you are doing this job, the only thing that you can do is listening to the audio or video, then you have to type what you can hear from the audio. You can do this kind of job in your home. Moreover, usually, the companies do not need to accept the transcriptionist that already has many experiences. Even though you are a newcomer to the world of a transcriptionist, you are still available to get the job.

To conclude, when you want to do the work but you do not really want to go to the office, you might look for some jobs that you can do in your home. Then, you also still can get the high income because of the job. You do not need to work outside by doing the job as transcription. You also do not need to be professional at the first time since usually, the company does not need the experienced transcriptionist. So, this work from home is the quiet possible thing that you can do to get the high income by working in the home.


Health tipsIt is same with consuming the sugar, consume the over salt is also not good for you, especially for your health. If you consume the over sugar, so, you will increase the risk of diabetes. Consuming the over salt also will increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart problem. Adding enough salt in every kind of food, of course, it will make the food is tasty. However, it is very dangerous if you consume it over and often. Consume the over salt will increase the risk of serious illness on your body.

Controlling the salt that you consume is actually very important. You have to know the salt that is consumed by you is over or not. There are also so many signals that indicate your body has consumed over the salt, you have to know it. The first is you will feel so thirsty and that is the first sign that you can feel when you consume the over salt. The thirsty will happen so fast. And also, you will feel thirsty although you are not doing the hard activity. The second is the high blood pressure. If you consume the salt that is over, it will increase the sodium in the blood. The high sodium will increase the risk of the high blood pressure.

In some cases, the high sodium in the blood also will increase the stroke risk and serious problem for the kidney. The third is it will make your skin look and feel so dry. If it happens to your skin, you have to decrease to consume salt and consume more vegetables and fruits, also water. The fourth is you will often feel a headache. If you often to consume the salty food that contains many salts, so, you will also feel dehydrated. The high sodium in the blood also will create the serious problem in your brain.


moviestarplanet hackThe goal of every person to play the game is to look for victory and profit. And many types of games that provide various asset-property that is used as a reward if the player managed to win the game. Therefore, to get the benefits, we must win the game with a lot in order to get bigger profits as well. Moviestarplanet is one of the games that provides a variety of wealth such as coins, diamonds and VIP status that we can get if we succeed to be a winner. And it will be easy to get if we know the Moviestarplanet Hack. 

Moviestarplanet Hack Is Fun

If we have tried so much to win this game, but we get the victory and even always lose the coin. Finally, we cannot buy more fashion so we become lost in the game, you do not worry because Moviestarplanet Hack will help us solve the problem. No need for a large fee, we can get diamonds, a star coin, and VIP status quickly with it. Without any disturbance such as virus or malware, we will be free from the interference. Exciting features we can take there without having to get interference like a virus that can harm our gadgets. Because this has been made in such a way so as not to damage your important device. Your game will be more fun because we can compete with our opponents. In addition, we will also become more confident because we have a lot of wealth and we are free to buy anything in the game. Therefore Moviestarplanet Hack really helps our game. We can increase our game level, and buy items that are exclusive and seldom bought by other players. To get all that is easy because we can manipulate his server so we can get amount diamond a lot, star coin is full and VIP status that much too.


8 ball pool hack8 Ball Pool is a game that almost similar with a billiard game that you can play on your mobile phone and also your PC. This game becomes popular recent days and many people play it. People who love to play it usually look for the information about 8 Ball Pool hack to get the easy tips to play the game. By getting the hack of the game, the gamers will get easier way in playing the game. Usually, it will be in the term of entering the new level of the game easily. So, this is something that very important for the gamers.

8 Ball Pool Hack Are To Get Coins And Chips

Actually, looking for 8 Ball Pool hack usually will have the same purpose which is aiming to enter the next level and become the professional player in the game. However, when you play the game and, want to enter the next level, the important thing that you have to do is by gathering enough coins and also chips, so that you can enter the next level. Because coins are the reason in entering the new level, when you look for the hack of this application, mostly it will talk about how to get more coins easier in the game.

Besides that, you will find many kinds of hack tips of this application. For the example, you might find the tips that require you to get the hacked version of the game application. Then, you have to install the application. Sometimes, you might also get the tips to get the coins and chips without the need to reinstall the application. No matter what is your choice, tips and tricks of this game have the same purpose.  is to help you to get more coins and chips so that you can play the game easier and enter the next level easier. That is the common purpose of 8 Ball Pool hack.

by should be fun right to play the game. The game can be a way for you to get rid of the stress. It is a must for you to not always being stressed because of the task you have. Playing game can make it a bit easier. There are many games to play and now you need to know game hacking is quite popular. This hacking should be beneficial for the player. You will get game hack tips here and also you will know the recommendation for a game that you can play in this time, so have fun with the game and find the way easy to make it easy to win.

How To Do Game Hack Tips

Now you are going to know what game that is recommended for you to play in this 2017. This game is called VOEZ. This will be a rhythm game if you are the fans of rhythm then you can choose this game as the option then. This is a game which is available for Android and there will be many songs from Japan that will be in the game. You also can use game hack tips here to win the game. The rule in this game is quite simple. You only need to focus on taking the note by tapping, sliding. Holding, and also swiping.

Well that is the game that is recommended for you and if you want to do the game hack here will be shown the link that you can visit anyway to make that easily. You can go to this address there you can do the hack game by typing the password and also username of your game account. The moment you have already done that you can do the process of generating and you will get more score because you have many coins to get from this hack machine.


green rosesGreen roses are a kind of roses that had green as their petals. Compared to his brother like red roses, this rose isn’t really popular among the people. There are still many people that don’t know this flower exist. But for some gardener and florist, this flower is beautiful and always looks great. Not only the appearance, this flower also had a beautiful meaning. If red rose represents love, compassion, and charm, these flowers represents freshness, spirit, respect and tranquility. Since this flower is a sign of tranquility, freshness, and health, this flower is great choice to bring if you want to visit pregnant mother or sick people. This flower also a great choice for decoration, especially for celebrating Easter and St. Patrick day.

Why Green Roses Always Looks Great On Garden Or Bouquets?

In garden, green roses don’t have exotic and unique color. Instead, they have a fresh and rich petal. This flower is always great to grow your garden. There are many kinds of green flower that great to grow your garden. For example, there is Floribunda rose. This rose had a refreshing lime green petal. If you grow a bunch of this flower, it will look like a bunch of lime green flower bush. Besides the garden beauty, this flower also great to put on decorations.

But if you are looking for some home flower to decorate your living room or veranda, then green tea rose is the perfect choice for you. As the name stated, this green roses had green tea colored petals. The combination of green tea petal and the green leaf is a distinct and beautiful combination. This flower will put a fresh touch on your room. This green tea rose is also great to bring on your visit to sick friends. It will put a fresh touch on rooms and represents your wish for them to get well soon. That is some reviews on this hidden beauty.


Health lifeNowadays, brush to staying up late or even didn’t sleep at all during night. They tend to stay more, sleep less or stay up during the night and sleep during days. Some people forced to stayed up all night because they have to do their overtime works. Staying up all night is fine if you do it occasionally. But it’s still bad in many ways. Our body needs a night sleep in order to rest our weary body. From baby, our body is trained to sleep at night and stay up during days. If you stay up all night, it will interrupt your sleeping cycle. If you stay up this night, the next day you won’t sleep easier and tend to stay up all night again. It will keep repeating until you can’t even sleep at night, and always sleep all day, like bats or owl. Staying up all night, had some bad effects on your health.

Firstly, just as mentioned above, staying up all night will interrupt your sleeping cycle. As you keep staying up all night, your sleeping cycle will shift from night sleep into day sleep. This means if you keep on staying up all night, you won’t sleep at night again. Instead, you will sleep all day. Some people don’t mind about this sleeping cycle, but it’s unnatural for a human to be nocturnal like that.

What is the connection with the health? If we sleep during days, our skin won’t receive sunlight. Sunlight contains Vitamin D to keep our pigment healthy. If we don’t get sunlight, our skin won’t receive vitamin D and the pigment on our skin will be weaker. Staying up all night also decrease your blood pressure. If you keep on staying up all night, your blood pressure will keep decreasing until its reach critical level. And if blood pressures reach a critical level, that means low oxygen we will get to our brain and another important organ.  a can lead to a disease, even death.


green rosesDespite the scarce existence of green roses, there are many people who want to grow the species of this rose in their garden. It may be caused by the hidden meaning which this rose represents to the world. As we know, all roses stand for different meaning and symbolism. For example, red rose symbolizes beauty and it has associate meaning with passion and gratitude. On the other hand, a white rose which symbolizes young woman is usually associated with deep love meaning. Then, how about green rose?

Here Are Green Roses Meaning And Symbolism

Just like the other color of roses, green rose also symbolizes something. Also, known as Chartreuse rose, this beautiful rose is usually associated with bounty, richness and abundance symbol. It is also considered as the symbol of plenty. In another case, this rose is also known as a symbol of happiness and also self-respect. It is because green roses convey the profusion of rain and the brightness of spring. Then, when it comes to the green color itself, this color has been known as the symbol of nature and it also signifies new beginning and gladness. That’s why it becomes a perfect gift for encouraging positive well-being.

Regarding the symbol and meaning of green rose in our daily life, we cannot deny that this rose provides positive well-being toward people. As a consequence, it becomes a calming gift which provides positive overtone. Despite the negative factor of the green color which is sometimes associated with envy color, the positive points on this rose have been able to cover up all the negativity. So, it can be your perfect present for others who are during her pregnancy, others who are going on new business or others who are recovering from illness. That’s all about the meaning and symbolism of green roses.


sm58 vs sm57It must be tough to select between the SM57 Vs SM58 when you want to get a microphone from Shure. In some ways, these two items are both powerful and recommended. When it comes to price and rating, both of them also have same pricing and rating in the marketplace. Then, what are the things that we need to take into account when we want to choose one between these two options? In fact, there are a few factors which we can consider when choosing between these two. Find the factors below.

Here Is SM57 Vs SM58 Comparison And Review

The first and foremost factor is grille. Basically, these two items are designed based on the identical cartridge design while the grille becomes the major dissimilarity on these two items. The SM57 which is designed for instrument microphone does not come with a ball grille just like the SM58 that is planned to be used for the focal application. Between SM57 Vs SM58, the grill feature has a huge role to the overall appearance of these items as well. In this case, the Shure SM57 which comes with smaller grille looks lots practical and tiny compared with the Shure SM58.

Next, it must be necessary to compare the available features on both Shure SM57 and SM58. When it comes to its feature, SM57 offers frequency response between 40Hz until 15kHz. On the other hand, the Shure SM58 features frequency response between 50Hz up to 15kHz. Then, the SM57 is also equipped with mic clip as a standard feature. This one cannot be found in the Shure SM58. Now, you have known a little comparison and review between these two products. If you are asking whether to choose between the Shure SM57 Vs SM58, it is actually based on your own preference.


android nougatAre you feeling interested in downloading the latest Android Nougat? Fortunately, you come to the right page to learn the best ways to download this new version of the Android operating system. As we know, this new update becomes number seven in the list of key versions of Android. Released in August 2016, the Android 7.1 has been available for numerous devices. In case your device is one of those which have received this update, here are the ways to get the update of this recent version of Android.

Step-By-Step Guides To Download Android Nougat

First of all, it is necessary to check for the update. Since Nougat is going to be offered to your device over air software update, you may get the notification of update as the update is available for your device. Nevertheless, you can check the update manually as well. To see whether you have an update for Android Nougat or not, you can head to Settings and select About Phone to see the System Updates menu or Software Updates menu. If you cannot find the update, you may like to try updating through the Android Beta app. Go to its official website to register your device.

After you get the notification or check it manually, you can now download the update for Nougat. It is as simple as following the guides available on your smartphone display. Make sure that your connection is available for updating. In this case, it is more recommended to use Wi-Fi connection when downloading the operating system. Then, you should check for your battery capacity as well since it may take times to download and install the update. When you are waiting for the downloading and installing process, you can play the coming up game first. That’s all some guides to download and install Android Nougat.


coloring pagesSuch as parents, it is very normal to do anything unless to make kids active and happy. To let them knowing the colors well and learn how to give colors tidily, they can use colouring books that bought from bookstores. Various pictures are available that kids can select it based on their abilities. But, when parents get busy or they want to reduce the budget, today, they can download and print the colouring pages easily. Through this site, people also can get the different character of pictures. Thousands blank pictures can be obtained beyond their expectations no matter would that means.

The Popular Colouring Pages For Kids

In general, once people enter colouring pages site, they might be amazed to the special features offered for free. It means, once they get the content, they do not need to pay anything. Unless they are covered with good and stable internet connection, they can extract a thousand pictures. Talking about quality, they do not need to worry since the pictures are provided with high and excellent quality. Once it is printed, it would not be broken. But, to make the kids easy to do colouring, parents are suggested to prepare good paper so that it would be similar with colouring books quality sold at the bookstores.

On the other hand, when they look for the references related to this matter, they can enter and browse popular site such as At the site, people would be offered to different types of pictures. When the boys like to have cars, robots, and sports character, the girls would like to have princess and flowers pictures. All needs are supported carefully. Thus, whenever kids want to collect more pictures, it would not be matter; they can rely on this site to coloring perfectly. Both parents and kids would be happy with this simple and smart activity.


Health tipsThe instant noodle or other instant food is very famous nowadays. The instant food is can be the alternative for you who do not have the enough time for preparing the foods and meals for your family. These instant foods, especially the instant noodle, is very simple and very easy to cook in your kitchen. But, do you know about the nutrition content of the instant noodle? What is the effect for your healthy? Stay on this healthy tip article when you are the customer of instant noodle and want to know about this information. Don’t go anywhere!

Instant Noodle And The Healthy Effect

Almost people should know about the instant food, especially the instant noodle. Besides that, you can save the time because this is so simple and easy to cook, you also can taste many kinds of flavor with the cheap price. But do you know what is dangerous that can happen when you consume the instant noodle too much? Some people should consume the instant noodle with rice, this is very dangerous because it’s will stimulate the obese and overweight because there are too many calories on your plate. Instant noodle also contains the high sodium that can damage you to get the heart attack, because the sodium will increase your blood pressure.

On the instant noodle, there is the candle that makes the instant noodle not sticky and not clot. This candle very hard to digested by your body, your metabolism system also needs about 3 days to digest and throw the candle that follows the instant noodle that you consume. Then, the instant noodle also contains too much monosodium glutamate. Both of the monosodium glutamate and the candle can stimulate the cancer cells and very dangerous for you. That’s all about the bad effect of the instant noodle that dangerous for you. Thank you for reading this article.