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serviced office jakartaIf you are looking for office spaces in Jakarta, look no further than Marquee. You can get more info about Marquee serviced office provider on In Jakarta, Marquee is one of the most flexible and reliable office providers. The company offers business centers and office solutions for many kinds of businesses. Marquee provides you with complete office features and business concepts such as professional reception, secretarial, admin support, high-grade office suites, and much more. Marquee Executive Office is managed by experienced entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they are supported by professional executives with more than 10 years of experience.

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In Indonesia, Marque Executive Office is one of the most trusted and experienced office providers. The company focuses on providing office and business solutions. In Jakarta, the company has more than 10 centers located in high-grade office buildings. If you are interested in the service provided by Marquee, you can visit for more details. Marquee Executive Office aims to provide business innovation and improve the quality of business today. Thus, Marquee has the highest benchmark for office provider in the business sector.

Marquee Executive Office was founded in 2006 by Ms. Thong Lena. Today, The Company has been growing and becoming one of the largest premium office providers in Indonesia. There are a lot of features and services provided by Marquee such as tax and accounting services, executive search, secretarial services, company establishment and much more. Marquee Executive Office is also dedicated to serve and provide business interest for local companies, as Marquee is also a local brand itself. Thus, Marquee is willing to support any companies from start-up all the way to huge companies. Thus, Marquee Executive Office is one of the most trusted office provider in Indonesia. If you need additional information, you can visit

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