Maintain Cleanliness Of The Home Environment

Health careCleanliness is a very important thing to note. The house as our residence should always be clean and not dirty. If our house is clean, then it will be more comfortable when being in the house and also not experience the disturbance that resulted in the presence of disease. Maintain the cleanliness of the home environment in question is by cleaning the floor of the house so it is not dirty and also make sure that the floor of our house is clean and no dust can give itchiness if exposed to our body. Usually, for a house in which there is a small child, they like playing in the house while sleeping on the floor of the house and also run. It will definitely leave the dirt on the floor, so it will give itching on his body because of the dirt. Besides inside the house, we also have to keep clean outside the house. For example, home yard. Keep the house yard always cleaned the floor properly. Because the yard of the house that interacts directly with the air from the outside must available dirt like dust that sticks to the floor of the house and the yard of the other house.

Throwing Puddles On The Container

It is very clear that almost every house does the same thing every time it rains, the water that goes down from the roof of the house is stored in a container. So the container is filled with rainwater. And most of them do not throw away the puddles and keep them for days.

It must be stopped immediately, because of the stagnant water will arise disease very deadly. That is with the seeds of dengue fever caused by mosquitoes who complain and lodge in the stagnant water. so we may use a container to hold water from above so that not falling directly on the floor of the house and can cause the floor of the house is damaged, but after the rain stopped we defecate to avoid the disease caused by it.

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