Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Health tipsEndurance is a body’s ability to ward off all germs or bacteria that enter into our body. If our body resistance is good then germs will not easily enter into our system, otherwise, if our immune system is not good then the various germs that cause disease will easily enter into the body and we will become exposed to the disease. Maintaining body endurance is very important for the health of our body. Because the disease will be fought with our immune system, so all the bacteria and germs will die. Therefore, if a person is susceptible to the disease it means that their immune system is not good and they do not keep their physical condition to stay fresh in the extreme world conditions now.

How To Maintain Endurance?

We have lived in a modern life, but it is undeniable that as the times progress, the conditions of nature have changed. Technological advances today have a profound effect on changing conditions in the universe. Now, the more smoke generated from various vehicles and industries so that the air pollution arises. Not only that, the exploitation of excessive natural materials and serve as human needs have now made our nature more unbalanced. It turns out that all the progress on earth has caused our earth shields are damaged so that the heat of the sun can’t be infiltration and absorbed by our ozone layer and it causes the emergence of a very dangerous skin cancer. All these circumstances are very detrimental to the health of our bodies. Our immune system is disturbed by these things, thus making the human body suffered many diseases resulting from the increasingly alarming natural conditions. We should be able to maintain our body resistance by increasing body fluids, consuming natural and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables and always take vitamins to keep our body fresh

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