An Introduction To Shrimp Varieties

Do you love to eat shrimp? It is no secret that everyone loves shrimp. You may even search for information about Asian tiger shrimp suppliers because you are really into shrimp and you must want to try any variety of shrimp that is available out there. So, in addition to tiger shrimp, is there any other shrimp type that we may not know before? Let’s check this out!

Types Of Shrimp You Can Eat

Actually, there are some shrimp that you may usually find on the market. Here are some of the types that you may like to add to your daily menu later on.

  • White leg shrimp

In the first place, we have white leg shrimp which is known as shrimp that is most commonly farmed around the world. On the other hand, it is often changed and sold with a different label like gulf shrimp or wild shrimp. You can add this shrimp to many menus you like.

  • Tiger Shrimp

Second, we have tiger shrimp. Since you may have ever searched for Asian tiger shrimp suppliers, you may have known about what this shrimp is. Yep, this shrimp is also another shrimp that we can find easily in the market.

  • Banded coral shrimp

Third, there is banded coral shrimp. This shrimp has colorful characters and as the name suggests, it lives in a coral reef. When you may find it more commonly as food, this shrimp is actually also sold as an aquarium pet.

Those are some of the shrimp types that you can find in the marketplace. There are actually some other varieties available out there some as brown, pink, and white shrimp, royal red shrimp and more. The point is you must make sure that you come to the right Asian tiger shrimp suppliers when you must want to buy Asian tiger shrimp.

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