Healthy Ways to Take a Nap

Health lifeYou must have ever heard that taking a nap just make you tired and dizzy. It can be true especially if you spend too much time to take a nap. However, when you are able to have it wisely, there is no doubt that you will be able to get rid of your sleep depreciation and then stimulate your energy as well as your productivity. Then, what should we do to make the best of our time to take a nap? Here are some of the best ways to make your nap beneficial.

Healthy Ways to Make Taking a Nap Beneficial

In the first place, you must remember to not have a nap when you are that kind of person who usually suffers from insomnia. When you are lack of sleep, having a nap is surely good to replace your sleep depreciation. However, if you suffer from insomnia, it is better for you to avoid having a nap. It is because insomnia patient tends to not be able to sleep if they have a nap. Secondly, you must sleep for about 30 minutes only. As mentioned before, you should not have a nap too much. It is better for you to have a nap for 25 to 30 minutes only.

However, it is also possible for you to have a nap until 90 minutes because it will lead you to sleep until REM stage which is effective to substitute your lack of sleep while lead you to improve your creativity. Then, it is also reported that drinking coffee before you take a nap is a good thing to make you feel fresh after that. In case you feel like sleepy when it is about to evening, it is better if you go out and have a walk instead of sleeping because sleeping at this time is not good for your body.

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