Healthy Life For College Students

Health lifeCollege student, especially students that live in boarding house, or dormitory, away from their parents, usually have an unhealthy lifestyle. This is mostly because they don’t have much money. They are forced to eat cheap junk food, cheap food with unknown ingredients, or the reliable instant noodle. As the results of having such unhealthy lifestyle, they get sick easily, tired easily, and unideal body weight. But for college students that want a healthy life, hopefully, this review can help you to achieve your healthy and ideal body.

A college student doesn’t have much money, so they need to watch every dime they spent. And food is the greatest expense. You need to have a meal at least 3 times a day, while still having a tight budget. Here are some tips to help you save more money of foods expense. For breakfast, you can have bread instead of rice or full meals. It’s good to start your day with bread, and it’s also cheaper. If you can have a glass of milk, but milk is additional. For lunch and dinner, you can search for foods merchant that you know well. You need to know his foods. Or you can also cook yourself. It’s cheaper and healthier. Cook together with your friends.  Don’t eat too much instant noodle. Instant noodle is cheap food, but it’s not very healthy. If you are forced to eat it. At least eat it once in three days.

Other than foods factor, there is also another aspect. College student rarely going out of exercise, they spend a lot of time in their rooms, doing his task, or just playing with their gadgets. Slacking in the room should be decreased. Do more activity, like organization, sports, or hang out with friends. Doing more activity will help you exercising your body. But some college students don’t have time for another activity because of their college assignments. For college students that don’t have time like this, but want to have some exercise, here are some tips. Rest between your task, you can use the resting time to have fun or just rest. Time management, it’s really important if you have a tight schedule. Everyone can have a healthy lifestyle, including college students.

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