GTA: San Andreas Mission Guide

gta sa liteAs one of the best games ever, the GTA San Andreas is surely a game that you must play if you claim that you are a true gamer. Created by Rockstar North, the game has received such a huge popularity which makes it as one of the best series of the game. If you are a new to the game, it must be good to learn more about the guides for the mission that is available in the game later. Let’s check on this following information for more.

GTA San Andreas Complete Mission Guides

Actually, there will be some missions that you will find as you play the game. In this case, let’s begin with the guide for the Los Santos missions. In each mission, you will get into some issues that you must pass so that you can complete the mission. For instance, you will find an instruction for riding a bike on the GTA San Andreas which then become your mission to ride the bike successfully. If you have done with this, you will enter the next mission once you enter the available red marker on the screen. For the next mission, you will find Big Smoke and Sweet & Kendl mission.

Moreover, you will find any other mission after you finish one. When you finish each mission, you will be able to collect money from your mission. For example, for the Sweet mission, you will be able to get $200 when you pass the mission. Not only money that you get, you will also get increased respect every time you complete a mission. If it sounds difficult for you to play the game even you have read all the guides above, it must be nice to visit to get the best help to play this game successfully.

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