DVD Storage Ideas With Standard Binders

dvd storage ideasGuys, if you have a considered extensive DVD collections and not interested in keeping them away inside a cabinet somewhere, you can store them inside a binder instead. Binders are so practiced, they don’t take up large space and you still can keep your collections in a reachable spot near your hands. DVD storage ideas with standard binders can be your next thing to try. Check the paragraph below!

DVD Storage Ideas: Let The Fun Begin!

Since you like to keep your lovey Dovey DVDs near your hand but still well organized, DVD storage ideas with standard binders must be your chosen one. Here go the materials lists and tutorial.

Material list

  1. Binders
  2. Dividers
  3. CD storage pages
  4. Spine labels
  5. Zip pocket (optional
  6. Double protectors, double stick tape (optional)


  1. Put all your DVD collections in one spot and find out organizational technique.
  2. Place the disc sheets inside the binder and start arranging the discs by category.
  3. Make the disc labels – labels are so helpful for you to pick the movies you want to watch.
  4. Face the DVD inserts – place them in page protectors near the discs, so they are still accessible.
  5. Decide on the binder label technique – the smart way to approach the spine binding is by listing based on films or shows category in the binder. This is a nice idea to try if you are not planning on moving your DVD around too much.
  6. Make your spine labels – take your time to enjoy surfing the internet searching for background patterns for your labels. Pick one you love the most.

Alright, if you get everything on the material list, then get started to follow the steps on DVD storage ideas with standard binders, I’m sure you can have your collections organized. Let the fun begin!

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