Don’t Waste Orange Peels With Higher Vitamin C

Orange is a magic fruit, why? Because all the parts of orange have full benefits for human’s health. Typically, you will eat the meat of orange. However, the skin also has a good benefit for your health. As we know that orange has high vitamin C. It is even called as a king of Vitamin C. It has a reason that orange contains vitamin C higher than another kind of fruits. In fact, the most vitamin C in an orange is at its skin. From now on, don’t waste the skin and take it as your remedies. So, what can be done with skin orange peels?

How To Use Orange Peels?

There are so many ways to use the orange peels. For the first, you can directly eat the orange peels. Is it possible to eat the orange peels? Yes, you can find a lot of recipe of orange peels on the internet. You can use it as a garnish as well. However, make sure that it has been washed so there will be no dirt when you take it.

Secondly, you can also use orange peel for your skin health treatment. You can apply and scrub the orange peel directly on your face. It is highly effective to clear your dead cells, acne, prose, dark circles, dry skin, blackheads, and blemish. Moreover, it will also help to brighten your skin.

Thirdly, there is an interesting fact about orange peels. It will help you to reduce heartburn, vomiting, and also gas which a when you have digestion problem. Moreover, it will an also a to your asthma by removing the phlegm. As for aromatherapy, orange peels can help people who have a headache, depression, and anxiety. Just take it to substitute the essential oils. If you have, breath, so you can try to chew the orange peels.

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