Complication Related To Hypertension

Health tipsDo you know a what hypertension is? Yes, it is actually one of the kinds of diseases which today there are many people have sufferers from it. The condition of hypertension itself is when the blood pressure is abnormal and here it is higher rather than the normal one. What you should know about the thus disease is it is asymptomatic meaning that the sufferers will not feel the direct symptoms. That is why high blood pressure is also called as “the silent killer” because it can a serious damage to the cardiovascular system. However, for the symptoms of hypertension, one of them is dizzy on the back head.

Complication Of Hypertension

Moreover, this disease also can lead to various problems which are those are affected by hypertension. One of the most serious complications caused by long-term high blood pressure is arteriosclerosis complication. Then here several complications which you have to know well that are associated with arteriosclerosis as follow.

  1. Heart failure

Heart failure can occur when hypertension causes a problem of the weakened or enlarged heart. In this case, the heart cannot do the job well in which it fails to pump enough blood to the body.

  1. Aneurysm

Another complication is there is an abnormal bulge in the artery wall. It causes artery burst and then gets a severe bleeding which will lead to the death.

  1. Blood vessel narrowing

With hypertension, there is a risk of blood vessel narrowing too. When it happens, this condition will lead to kidney failure and heart attack. Of course, if it is untreated, a fatal condition that is dead can happen.

  1. Hypertensive retinopathies

When the blood vessels in the eyes bleed indeed it is very bad since the condition can cause blindness. Here it is classified as worsening grades of the complication.

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