What Is Buckskin Quarter Horse?

What is a buckskin quarter horse? It is a horse which has a cream-colored body and it also has some black points in ears, tail, mane, and legs as well. However, the color can be varied widely. There is no exact shade of the color for this horse. Some buckskin horses have dark tan color and others have a lighter cream color. In recent years, we always glorify the beauty of the black horse, white horse, or brown horse. But the buckskin horse is pretty too. The fascinating color of buckskin horse can mesmerize us in many ways. Anyway, what’s not to love when it comes to this horse?

Buckskin Quarter Horse Facts

Let us tell you first about what buckskin quarter horse is. It is a bay horse which has one copy of color in its body. The presence of this one copy of color, which is cream, lightens its body so the color becomes buckskin. If a bay horse has two copies of cream color in its body, the horse is called perlino horse. Maybe you heard about the dun horse? Actually, the dun horse is not buckskin horse although they both have cream color. Dun horse’s color is not controlled the color gene. The one thing that differentiates buckskin and dun horse is that the buckskin one sometimes has amber-colored eyes.

When we talk about a buckskin horse, Buttermilk is one of the most popular buckskin horses. It is an American buckskin horse which belongs to Dale Evans. You can watch The Roy Rogers Show if you want to know what it looks like. Fun fact is, Buttermilk lived more than 30 years. Since the buckskin quarter house is popular, there is a horse association called The International Buckskin Horse Association which was established in 1971. Anyone can register their buckskin horse. Find out more about this horse only on

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