Bonzibuddy: What You Need To Know

If this is your first time to hear about Bonzi Buddy, it may make you think what it is all about. Well, this one is actually famous before especially around the 2000s. However, it was discontinued because of several problems that come out. But, then it seems like the app become a thing that people need to remember again for some cases.

What Is Bonzi Buddy?

Before we learn more about the way to download it or something, it will be better to learn more about what is it first. Usually called as BonziBuddy as well, this is actually software which is made by Jay Bonzi and Joe to become desktop assistant. However, it turns out to be known as a spyware because of some issues that are reported regarding the software. This software was released in 1999 and the last release was in 2004. And not the status of Bonzi Buddy is now discontinued.

How To Download Bonzi Buddy?

If you are interested to download this assistant, you may need to change your mind because it has been discontinued. Moreover, with all of those issues about it is being spyware, Trojan and virus highly make we sure that it is not really a good one to download. However, it is okay for you to learn more about this desktop assistant.

But, if you still want to download, you can go around to the internet to find out the way. There is a website that offers you a full version of this software if you want. When you need to learn more about this software, there is actually one place where you can get everything you need to know about the software. If you are getting interested, you can visit the page on and you will find everything about this software.

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