Best Way To Breaking In Tieks

Breaking in TieksTieks is a famous brand of flat shoes for female. Different with the common flats that come with the normal box, flats from Tieks usually come with a cute box in the turquoise color and it usually folded in that box. This is the reason why many females are looking for the information about breaking in Tieks that they have since they need to make their Tieks into normal condition. It happens because the Tieks’ flats are folded in the beginning and it usually a little bit difficult to make the flats back into the normal condition. Then, how is the best tip to break in you Tieks? Read the following paragraphs.

The Best Way To Breaking In Tieks

Actually, there are some strategies that you can try to breaking in Tieks that you have. In the beginning, the Tieks will be difficult to use, because the shoes still get the effect of being folded in the box. The first thing that you have to do is you only need to open your box, and then you have to use your flats without using any socks. Then, you have to use it for several hours. It can help you to make yourself comfortable with the shoes and to make the shoes back to the normal shape of flat shoes. After that, if in the next day you still feel uncomfortable in using the shoes, you can try to use socks and use it for 2 hours. You also can use the heating in your hair dryer to help you with it.

Then, to make you easier in the next day, in keeping your Tieks, you can keep it and fold it in the opposite direction with the beginning when the Tieks come to you. These tips will really help you to break your Tieks. Even though it takes your patients, it will help you in breaking in Tieks that you have in your home.

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