Best Router With Parental Controls

paysiusNowadays, connecting to the internet becomes a common activity to do by everyone. Even our kids may feel like the internet is something necessary that they need to open at least once a day. That’s why we need to have the best router which can help us to manage what our kids’ activity on using the internet. Instead of being beside them every time they use the internet, it must be great to control what they can access through the internet by setting the router. To give you some good products to consider, here are several great routers with parental control.

Best Router With Parental Controls In 2017

Let’s begin with the Buffalo AirStation Wi-Fi Router. Having an Extreme Smart label, this Buffalo Wi-Fi router is surely a great choice for you who want to have a fast router with parental control ability. By using this router, it is possible for the users to get 407 Mbps rate. With this best router, you can even get 223 Mbps within 100 feet radius. More interestingly, the router has DD-WRT which allow you to not install the firmware. Moreover, it also makes it possible for you to control ads which may bother your kids as they are surfing the internet.

In addition to the Buffalo AirStation, there is also a router parental control offered by Tenda. This is Tenda AC9 Wireless Router which features a good parental control. By using this router, you can make a blacklist of any website that you do not like your kids to open it. Furthermore, this router also offers power saving feature which will save your expense. It then that the router is really affordable. More importantly, you will be able to enjoy 1200 Mbps connection rate. Those are some great router that you can take into account. If you need more information, you can check on this following link

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