Best Offline Games

Playing game is a fun activity. When you were a child, you play the game on Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation. Right now, you can play any game on your smartphone. And there are no wifi needed games. As you know that there is type of games that can be played with internet connection or Wi-Fi. This type of game is really annoying. Especially, if the game is really good and many people play it. Don’t be sad, darling. In this post, we will give you best offline games that you can download and install. Say goodbye to an internet connection.

Best No Wi-Fi Needed Games

The first game that you can play online is Major Mayhem. It is one of no wifi needed games in action or shooter category. If you read the review about this game, there are many people who leave positive reviews for this game. Indeed, Major Mayhem is really exciting and thrilling. The developer is no other than Adult Swim that develops fantastic mobile game. Major Mayhem is a long single-player game. Therefore, you will play as the only titular character in this game. Your only duty is to take down a group of bad boys. Actually, this game is like a shooting gallery. Your enemies will pop out from their hiding spots. And then you have to tap them so they can kill. You can also throw bombs to kill them.

The last best offline game that you can download is Shadow Fight. If you ever played Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, then this game has the same game. This is a one-one combat game. Shadow Fight is a great way for you whenever you have spare time. You can be a true warrior through this game. On this game. There two action buttons which are kick and punch. You can learn some combinations and you can be a professional ninja. Those are best no wifi needed games that you can download.

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