Bad Effects Of Staying Up Late

Health lifeNowadays, brush to staying up late or even didn’t sleep at all during night. They tend to stay more, sleep less or stay up during the night and sleep during days. Some people forced to stayed up all night because they have to do their overtime works. Staying up all night is fine if you do it occasionally. But it’s still bad in many ways. Our body needs a night sleep in order to rest our weary body. From baby, our body is trained to sleep at night and stay up during days. If you stay up all night, it will interrupt your sleeping cycle. If you stay up this night, the next day you won’t sleep easier and tend to stay up all night again. It will keep repeating until you can’t even sleep at night, and always sleep all day, like bats or owl. Staying up all night, had some bad effects on your health.

Firstly, just as mentioned above, staying up all night will interrupt your sleeping cycle. As you keep staying up all night, your sleeping cycle will shift from night sleep into day sleep. This means if you keep on staying up all night, you won’t sleep at night again. Instead, you will sleep all day. Some people don’t mind about this sleeping cycle, but it’s unnatural for a human to be nocturnal like that.

What is the connection with the health? If we sleep during days, our skin won’t receive sunlight. Sunlight contains Vitamin D to keep our pigment healthy. If we don’t get sunlight, our skin won’t receive vitamin D and the pigment on our skin will be weaker. Staying up all night also decrease your blood pressure. If you keep on staying up all night, your blood pressure will keep decreasing until its reach critical level. And if blood pressures reach a critical level, that means low oxygen we will get to our brain and another important organ.  a can lead to a disease, even death.

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