Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Health

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There are so many products that are designed for skin. Especially with the development of technology, many companies giving their best in formulating such great creams and treatments for skin. But, do you know that even the best treatment comes from the natural sources? So, there is no need to be worried about all of those things with a high price for keeping your skin healthy. You can just grab some ingredients from your kitchen and make your own skin healing formula. This is so good and will help you in making sure that your skin is properly treated. So, are you curious how to make it?

How To Make Apple Cider Vinegar Toner?

For the ones who love baking and making pies, apple cider vinegar is not a strange thing to have. In this case, you can use this for many kinds of foods and snacks, such as pies and also juice. But, behind its sour taste, you can get the best from it by using this for your skin. In this case, apple cider vinegar has high vitamin C that will help you in making your skin brighter and clearer. The ones who have acne problems will also get your skin cleared by using this ingredient. But, don’t apply the vinegar right onto your skin since it is too acid and can break your skin tissue.

The safest way for keeping your skin healthy by using apple cider vinegar is by mixing apple cider vinegar with mineral water with 1:1 mix. This mixture can be placed on a spray bottle in which will make you easier to apply. You can use this as your daily toner. This is also a great thing since you can use it simply just by two ingredients. To use it, you can just spray them on your face after you wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. Beware of the mixture getting into your eyes since it will cause burning sensation.

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