Animals Names List Of Smallest Dogs

animals names listActive, cute, easy to care and charming can be some of the most common words to describe dogs. There are many people who are interested in checking out animals names list of dogs especially when they want to pet a new dog. In fact, there are numerous dog breeds available out there. The most important thing to learn about this notion is that all the dog breeds have its own characteristics. When it comes to small dogs, there are actually some dogs which are considered as the smallest ones.

Top Animals Names List Of Smallest Dog Breeds

First of all, we should not forget the Chihuahua. If we are talking about the small dog, Chihuahua is surely on the list. It has a light weight which is only 0.9 until 1.8 kg. It has known for its smart and spirited personality. More importantly, you can take it anywhere you want thanks to its small size. Another smallest dog on these animals names list is Yorkshire Terrier. This dog breed can only grow up to 3.2 kg only. It has a small appearance with a small head, V ears, and black eyes. If you are interested in getting this dog as pet, make sure that you don’t let them experience exterior living for a long time.

Furthermore, we should mention Pomeranian as well when it comes to small dog breed. As one of the most popular dogs to pet, Pomeranian has smart, active and social traits. It is a small dog which can be a great companion for everyone. Following the Pomeranian, there is also Plaything Poodle which has a small body. Despite its little size, it has the smart, energetic and loyal trait. Then, there is Papillion as well which is suggested as one of the smallest dog breeds. For more animal list, you can click on this following link:

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