60 Seconds: Survival Games For Hardcore

60 secondsLooking for a hard and punishing survival games? If you are, 60 Seconds may be the good choice for you. The game is pretty difficult and new players may fail to complete the game on their first try. You will be forced to choose difficult choices in order to survive. This is a dark comedy atomic survival game which is set in a world after the nuclear apocalypse. The game requires quick thinking, patience, and smart planning in order to survive. This game is developed by Robot Gentleman Studios and well-reviewed by the players. It was one of the finalists in Indie Cade 2015.

60 Seconds Apocalypse And Struggle To Survive

In 60 Seconds, the gameplay is split into two phases. In the first one, you have 60 second to seek shelter in fallout bunker. Additionally, you have to save your family members and gather as much stuff as possible to help you survive in the bunker. Every family members you saved and items you collected will affect your life in the bunker.  In order to get the best result, you have to think quickly and consider your action carefully. After reaching the bunker, you have to stay alive and manage your supplies. You have to make sure that your family members are well fed and prevent them from getting sick. They can lose their mind as well so be careful. In addition, you will be forced to make difficult choices in order to survive.

This game is hard and fulfilled with desperation. Therefore, you need the perseverance to finish the game. In order to survive, you have to track your supplies, ration your water and food and consider every choice. Thanks to its hard difficulty, the game is the perfect game for hardcore survival players. If you are a gamer who thinks that the struggle of the apocalyptic world is merely a pleasure, try 60 Seconds now!

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